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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Harriet the rockstar

As explained in my previous post, I've been sewing my verson of the Gotz 'Hannah the Rockstar' outfit.  The outfit is now finished, the heartshaped sunglasses purchased and on her face, I've added a ribbon strap to the miniature guitar to help her hold it, and I think Harriet looks pretty cool.  Even my husband was impressed, and that is saying a lot (he tolerates the dolls as a fact of living with 3 doll mad females, shows occasional interest in the play dolls but is more interested in the dollshouses especially as he built one of them from a kit). 

However I haven't yet made the microphone and its stand to complete the outfit.  This will require a couple of pieces of dowel, some wadding, and some silvery fabric to cover the dowel.  However since finishing the outfit on Saturday night, I've been busy cleaning and tidying my elder daughter's bedroom while she is away on her second school trip in 2 weeks (this time a whole week away playing her violin), so I've had no time to make the microphone and stand.  Hopefully I'll make a start on it tomorrow night. 

I haven't taken photos of Harriet in her outfit because it doesn't seem complete without the microphone, so I shall tantalise you in the meantime with a description:  The dress is red with contrast material of purple, green, brown & red strips inlaid with shiny thread, the bottom of the dress has a band of red sequin material to match her sequin hairband, she wears red tights, the tartan plimsols, and the lilac heartshaped sunglasses.  The guitar is black.  With Harriet's auburn hair, this makes quite an arresting sight!

Welcome Princessclaire1000 to my blog - from your profile picture I'm guessing you are interested in American Girl dolls, but I can't find a blog link for you.

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