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Monday, 22 February 2010

Too much to do!

I've been doing entirely too much recently, both at work and at home, so have had minimal time for the dollshouse and dolls blog.  I work full time in an education setting (I'm the main breadwinner), I participate in musical activities (2 choirs, one band with other time consuming related matters) and of course have my family to look after.  My husband helps with the children's after school stuff when I'm at work, and does some housework, but somehow a mother's work is never done, and I almost always have a pile of unalluring paperwork to get through when I'd far rather be fiddling around with miniatures or sewing clothes for the Gotz and Aussie dolls.

In the midst of all this recent crazy busy, I sewed an outfit for my younger daughter's best friend for her birthday.  They've known each other since babyhood, and despite going to different schools now, we still meet up regularly because they are pals, and us mums get along.  Little girls love dressing up, and this one loves dancing around in front of the TV pretending to be a cheerleader or ballerina or gymnast.

I sewed a red leotard out of jersey fabric (not stretch jersey, so I had to adjust the pattern to fit), a bolero top of red velour and a sparkly red sequin material skirt.  I've got the material to make a royal blue version for my little girl, who has blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, but haven't managed to get the sewing machine out since making the first outfit because of the birthday party and the 100 other things that have been happening since.  I'm pleased to say that this outfit went down a storm with my daughter's 6 year old friend, who wrote a thank you note for her 'red clothes'.
And my dollshouse sits invitingly near my computer, oh how I itch to get stuck into working on it again.


Tricia said...

Wow you are busy! The "red clothes" are lovely. Hope you get to blog again very soon. :-)

pueppilottchens-spielzeug-blog said...

dear dollmum

i know exactly how you feel. two of my three girls doesn´t live at home anymore, but cosima the youngest (16) is still here with me and with working/sewing and running my little online-shop it´s sometimes hard to find a little time for my hobbies.

the outfit for your daughters little friend looks so perfect and a can see them dancing in front of the tv. i guess your daughter will look cute in the same outfit in blue :)